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Our feature-rich platform was built to take on the tasks no other platform can. Nothing is too complex or too simple.

Event Features

Single Event Creation

An event with individual configuration. Examples: Conferences, workshops, trade fairs, one-off concerts, multi-day events.

Event Series

A series of events that share the same configuration. They can still be different in their dates, locations, prices, and capacities. Examples: Multiple presentations of the same show, same concert in multiple locations, museums, libraries, or swimming pools, events that need to be booked together in one cart.

Timed Event Series

Create an event series with time-slot-based access. Great for museums, special attractions, haunted houses & dinner events.

Admission Products

Every purchase of this product represents one person who is allowed to enter your event.

Non-Admission Products

A product that does not represent a person. Examples: Merchandise, donations, gift cards, add-ons to a main ticket.

Bundled Products

With bundles, you can specify products that are always automatically added as add-ons in the cart for a specific product.

Add-On Products

With add-ons, you can specify products that can be bought as an addition to this product. For example, if you host a conference with a base conference ticket and a number of workshops, you could define the workshops as add-ons to the conference ticket.

Product Variations

Products with Multiple Variations : Examples: Ticket category with variations for "full price" and "reduced", merchandise with variations for different sizes, workshop add-on with variations for simultaneous workshops.


You can use categories to group multiple products together in an organized way.

Season Tickets

Sell season tickets that allow customers to either choose the events they want to attend if you need to control capacity, or allow for unlimited uses.

Seating Plans

Ticket buyers can choose their own seats on an interactive seating plan. With our graphical plan editor you can create your own seating plans to use quickly and conveniently.

Automated Waiting List

As soon as your event is sold out, our waiting list allows visitors to register for when a ticket becomes available again. The first person on the waiting list will have the option to make their purchase. After a set deadline passes, the option will be given to the next person on the list and so on.

Static Pages

You can use this to add information about your event, terms of services or anything else that needs its informational page.

Special Access

Create restricted access to your event or part of your event through the voucher system, order approvals or registered customers & members.

Embed Widget

Use our embed widget to sell tickets or registrations directly on your website.

Multi Check-In Lists

You can create multiple check-in lists, for example: Main Gate, VIP or different speaker sessions. Check-in lists can be restricted to a certain set of products and are handled independent from each other.

Multi Gate Access

Utilizing the Multi Check-in Lists you can create multi gate access and limit to certiain tickets.

Additional Fees

Need to collect a venue fee or administrative fee? Additional fee can be added to each ticket sold. Options include : Fixed fee per ticket, fixed fee per order and Percentual fee per order.

Sales Tax

Sales tax can be set up by location or by product to enable you to keep up with your current local tax laws.


Currently we are supporting English, Spanish and French.

Gift Cards

Create a Gift Card product and your customer will recieve a gift card with a value corresponding to the product price. If you have access to multiple organizations, you can set the gift cards to span across multiple accounts.

Timed Sales

You can set your products to either go onsale or offsale at specific times.


Allow your customers to cancel their orders within a set time frame. You can charge a fee for this option, set it to a gift card only or back to original payment.

Customizable Options

Digital Tickets

Completely customize your downloaded tickets via our ticket editor. Use extra space for sponsors or even sell ad space. The tickets are yours to brand as you see fit.

Digital Tickets by Product

Utilizing the ticketing editor, you can create different ticket downloads types for each product.

Checkout Questions

You can define any number of questions of multiple types that the system will ask during registration. You can use free-text answers, let your attendees select one or more options you provided, or allow them to upload a file. In the end, you will get a statistical overview of all given answers.


You can automatically generate invoices for all orders or payments. You can configure in detail everything that is printed on the invoice. Great for corporate clients or non-profits to generate customer invoices for taxes.

General Questions

Need additional information that is specific to a product, you can add additional custom questions. Similar to the Custom Checkout Questions.

Shop Design

Our mobile and tablet friendly platform adjusts to your event and comes in your colors and style and with your logo.

Event URL

Set the URL for your event for complete control. Example: loop1tickets.com/youraccount/custom-event-name


Change the text from default to your own style for all communications: This includes: Placed Order, Paid Order, Free Order, Resend Link, Order Changed, Payment Reminders, Waiting List Notifications, Order Canceled, Order Custom Email, Reminder to download Tickets & Order Approval Process.

Customer | Client Relations


Create various membership levels for special access, discounts, or yearly dues.

Customer Accounts

Allow your customers to sign up for a customer account and build a broad customer base that will allow easier checkout for future purchases. Customer accounts are dedicated to your account.

Guest Checkout

We want to make it as simple as possilbe for your customers to check out. There is no need for your customers to download anything or create a new account if you don't want with guest check-out.

Automated Email Rules

Email rules allow you to automatically send emails to your customers at a specific time before or after your event.


Campaign & Affiliate Tracking

Campaign tracking allows you to track the efficiency of your different marketing channels by generating individual URL links. You can track how many clicks and sales you performed via your campaign links. You can also use this feature to set up an affiliate program and compensate partners promoting your event based on these numbers.


A voucher can be valid for a number of products and a limited timeframe and can reduce ticket prices by a percentage or an absolute value. Every voucher can be configured to be usable once or multiple times.

Email Communication

You can send e-mails to all your participants right from the platform. With placeholders inside your message, you can directly address the recipients with their name and further individual information.

Hard Copy Tickets

Sometimes you just need to have tickets printed. Contact your sales rep and we can handle any request. All our ticket stock comes with multiple security features to prevent duplication.

External Tracking Links

Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn & Hubspot

Automatic Discounts

With automatic discounts, you can automatically apply a discount to purchases from your customers based on certain conditions. For example, you can create group discounts like "get 20% off if you buy 3 or more tickets" or "buy 2 tickets, get 1 free".

Badge Printing

Create custom badges for your attendees and either print on-site or in advance.


Multiple Organizations

Run multiple venues, manage multiple clients or work multiple organizers within one account. Access all your accounts from ONE dashboard.

Team Permissions

Inside your organizer account, you can create an unlimited number of teams. Each team can have multiple members and can have access to only some or all of the events in the organizer account. This access can include all parts of the platform or can be limited to specific features, e.g. to an read-only access. Everyone can be part of multiple teams a the same time.

Statistics & Reporting

You can configure reports that compare the numbers of your various events over time. Multiple options allow you to view metrics to help your plan for the future.

Data Export

Your Data is YOUR data. You have access to all your information at all times and are always welcome to take it with you if you ever decide to leave.


Stay up to date with your event, you can configure to receive instant notifications as soon as an order has been created, changed, paid, or canceled.

Secure Devices

Unlike traditional companies that utilize your PW as a login for scanning devices, we believe you need full control on whom has access. Devices are connected via scanning a qr code, which then links to your account. Devices can always be revoked.

Organization URL

Each account has an Organizaion URL which features all your events. This allows you to market all your events in a single location.

Scanner App

We believe ours is one of the fastest ticket scanning apps out there. Available on iOS(AppStore) or Android(GooglePlay).

Web Based Check-In

Use your laptop with a handheld scanner via our web-based check-in url(Beta).


Talk to your account representative about onsite sales. Multiple options available.

Multiple-Stripe Accounts

Each event can be linked to a unique Stripe account to allow for working with various partners.

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